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Hi Dog Fans! Please read these frequently asked questions, we promise it will help!

Please remember we are in this together, please do not become rude or impatient. We are all trying to save these dogs, and do the best we can!

When are you open?
Can I meet the dogs?

We are open by appointment only, once your application has been received and we have gone through the full approval process on the dog that you are interested in, a meet will be set up. 

We do NOT allow people just to come in and play with dogs or meet the dogs without application approval.
Please understand that safety of our dogs, rescue and volunteers is the priority. We must get to know you before you come to us.
For more information on our process please click HERE.

I need help, can you take my dog?
Can you help me with a stray dog I found?

We are a volunteer based group, please remember that we are people who got together to help a huge problem in the shelter system. We alone can't solve this huge animal welfare issue, and we may not be able to help your case. If you want to ask if we can assist, please click HERE.

Does Caring Hearts have a phone number?

We do not have a public phone number, we use email as our primary source of communication. Please be patient with our reply timing.

Feel free to CONTACT US!

How much are adoption fees?

Puppy Adoption Fee: $250
Adult Adoption Fee: $200

How big will the puppy Get?

Caring Hearts does not guarantee what size or weight a puppy will be at full size. 

Is the dog housebroken?

Caring Hearts does not guarantee or claim that any dog or puppy is house broken.