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Jennifer Johnston Chopping
Founder & President

Jennifer Is A Lifelong Animal Lover And Advocate. After Years Of Working For Other Dog Rescues, Jennifer Decided To Begin Her Own Rescue In Southern Pines, North Carolina. Recognizing That The Local Shelters Are Always Full, And That Dogs Need To Be Saved From Unnecessary Death, Jennifer Decided To Dedicate Herself To Rescue. Jennifer Demonstrates  Not Only What It Means To Care, But How To Make A Real Difference In This World.

Kate Soroka
Vice President 

From A Child, Kate Has Been Surrounded By Dogs And Other Farm Animals. She Is Drawn To Animal Advocacy And Strives To Make A Safer Environment For Dogs, And Animals On The Whole. Jennifer And Kate Have Known Each Other For Over 10 Years, And Share The Same Aspiration To Save As Many Dogs As Possible. 

Denise Price

Denise is not only an animal advocate for all dogs, and serves as treasurer, but she herself is the adopter of a special needs dog that needed a lot of attention and care, and Denise was happy to open her heart and home! 

Victoria Owen Caristo

Victoria’s love for dogs ran deep even though her home as a child did not have furry family members due to her parent’s travel schedule. Once she was on her own, she became a dog mom to an English Bulldog and it was love at first sight! Like many of us at Caring hearts for Canines, Victoria does not think of her dogs as “ just pets,” but family members in ever sense of the word. Victoria serves as Secretary of the board, and her organizational skills, as well as high level of understanding and compassion make her a wonderful addition.