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HELP HONEY!! If you would like to help us with Honey please consider donating to Caring Hearts. We always appreciate all of your support and while our cases are never easy we believe every dog deserves a chance.
Honey is an 8 month old Labradoodle who was saved from Cumberland County animal shelter after being surrendered by her owner when she was hit by a car. Originally we were told that her foot was broken, but after a more thorough exam with our vet it was determined she not only had 3 breaks in her foot but also had a broken back (L7). Honey was transferred up to North Carolina State where she had multiple surgeries to stabilize her back and put pins in to repair her foot. Her medical bills have been quoted at $8,000 for all the surgeries and care, and we are looking for your help! Help us help Honey!
We are so excited to let all of our supporters and followers know that now you can support the work we do while sipping your morning coffee! Caring Hearts now has an affiliate code with Grounds and Hounds Coffee! Click the button below to shop through our link, or use our affiliate code: caringhearts15
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