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North Carolina has one of the highest incidents of Heartworm in dogs in the United States. Once infected, Heartworm treatment can be expensive, but prevention costs as little as $10 per month.

Thanks to a very GENEROUS donor, together we are able to make a difference. For Giving November we are dedicating our efforts on Heartworm Treatment & Prevention to battle this epidemic locally and give all dogs the life they deserve, Heartworm free. Donate on our website, choose “I would like to help a HW+ dog” and your donation will be matched, up to $10,000!!

Yes, $10,000! ❤️

Heartworm is a life-threatening PREVENTABLE disease.
Heartworm is a death sentence to dogs in shelters, even though treatable.
Heartworm is a painful and slow disease in dogs that can be easily avoided.

In 2020, Caring Hearts for Canines averaged 1 in 20 dogs saved were Heartworm positive. Average cost of Heartworm treatment for each HW+ dog in rescue is $450.

This Giving November, join us as we take on this cruel disease because these lives are worth saving!

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