MISSY with her family!

Happy PABLO!

BLONDIE and her new mom!

WAYLON is getting the love he deserves!

CAROLINE (now CHLOE) looks happy with her new mom!

EMMY is getting comfy on her new couch!

ANGEL and her new family!

All smiles in ATHENA'S new home!

Happy WES!

COOPER is happy at home with the Perkins!

SHADOW is at home with her new family, the Newcombs!

HUNTER is at home with the Jones Family!!!

SUNDANCE looks cozy!

CHUBBS has a great new family!

BAXTER and his new dad!

KOTA is one happy dog after being adopted!

CASSIDY will be loved by many as she joins her new family!

MERCEDES had a rough start, suffering from Mange, but after we saved her she has made it to her wonderful new home!

After being left at a vet clinic, CASEY has found her new mom!

MOOSE is in heaven in CT, and is the biggest yet we have adopted out!

ZOEY found a new brother!

POE is a happy dog with these beautiful ladies!

Baby Girl is happy hanging with her new sisters!

Geneva is one happy dog with her new sister!


What a happy boy!

Happy Charlie!


CHLOE loves Vermont!

JACKSON is the new addition to the Goodheart family!

PRINCESS is being treated like a princess now!

SIDNEY with the new family!!

COPPERis a happy dog now!

CONAN and his new mom!

FRANCINE was abandoned at a dog park, but now has a new best friend after finding a new family!

ATHENA in her new home!

We can't tell who is happier?!?!

A new member to the family band!

All smiles in TALON'S new family!

Now that is a good kiss! Hollywood style!

Smiles all around!

Happiness is a hug!

SHELBY has found her family!

HOPE is a happy girl with the Todd's!