Adoption Process

Step 1: The Application: Caring Hearts for Canines requires completed adoption applications before meeting any of our dogs. If you are interested in a particular dog, please fill out the application and indicate the name of the dog that you are interested in adopting. If you do not have a dog in mind, but would like to send an application in to have on file, there is an option for application on file. For people who want to keep their application on file, once the application is submitted, please keep an eye on our social media and email us if you see a dog you are interested in, and we can proceed from there if the dog that you are looking at is available. 
please note:
chfc does not have open to the public hours, we are by appointment only.
Email is our primary source of communication.
Step 2: Home Visit: Once the application has been reviewed, a home visit will follow. We will be in contact to schedule it, depending on the situation it is either a virtual home visit or in person, that is decided by CHFC. Once the application and home visit has been completed and approval status is granted, a meet and greet will be set up between adopter and the dog. 
Step 3, Adoption Fee: Upon the completion of the application, home visit, meet and greet and the adoption has been confirmed, the Adoption Fee must be paid, and any necessary waivers completed. Payment can be made online, check or cash. The adoption fee is $150 for adult dogs and $200 for puppies. Adoption fees are not tax deductible.
Please note: for all puppy adoptions it is required that adopters send the proof of spay/neuter to once the procedure has been done. We will follow up, and require the vet record.
Caring Hearts for Canines reserves the right to disprove any adopter at any point in the process if CHFC sees fit. 
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