Moms & Puppies

The Moms & Puppies Program provides funding to rescue pregnant and/or mother dogs with new or young litters. Often these animals are euthanized at county shelters and refused at non-kill rescues.  These organizations can ill afford to make 8 week commitments of time, space, and money to raise these litters until they can be adopted.  Regularly these innocents are the victims dumped on the side of the road or given away for free on craigslist where they wind up as bait animals in illicit dog fighting rings. CHFC is fortunate to have a network of wonderful foster volunteers who give these precious pups and their mama’s a safe and secure place to grow and socialize until they are old enough to move to their forever homes.  But this extra time and basic medical care is expensive.  Will you help us save a litter?  Please consider earmarking a contribution today to rescue and re-home a mom and puppies! If you would like to sponsor a litter please contact us!