Heartworm Positive

Our Heartworm Positive program provides funding for the treatment of rescue dogs afflicted with canine heartworm disease that would otherwise be euthanized in a kill shelter. These animals can be cured and live long, healthy, productive lives; but in the majority of kill shelters heartworm positive dogs are destroyed immediately. This is a matter of economics. It costs CHFC between $100-$500, depending on medication, to treat and cure a dog of heartworm disease. These dogs shouldn’t have to die because of budgetary concerns. Please consider earmarking a donation today for the purpose of saving a life that will otherwise be extinguished!

Heartworm is a medical condition that infects both cats and dogs, but is considered life threatening in dogs. This condition runs rampant in North Carolina, as well as neighboring states. Heartworm is a worm that lives in the  heart and lungs of the animal, transmitted mainly by mosquitoes. It can be fatal in dogs, and that is where Caring Hearts comes in. Many shelters, including our own in Moore County believes that a Heartworm positive dog is "unadoptable," and therefore needs to be euthanized. We whole-heartily disagree with that, and aim to change that belief. We have had numerous success stories with Heartworm positive dogs. Weekly, we rescue Heartworm positive dogs from our local high kill shelter. While prevention is the best method to protect dogs from the parasite, if they are already infected there are two treatments that can be done to save the dog, and get him/her healthy so adoption can happen. The treatment is based on the situation. We do prefer the "slow-Kill" method as it is less stressful on the dog, but when necessary we do treat with Ivermectin injections.    For more information on Heartworm, go to https://www.heartwormsociety.org/

Please remember, to give your dog preventive medication and consider rescuing a Heartworm positive dog! All adopters who adopt a Heartworm positive dog from Caring Hearts will be supplied with a 1 year supply of Heartguard courtesy of our organization. We will also follow up to make sure treatments are going well.