HEARTWORM FACT: Heartworms cannot be passed directly from one pet to another.

North Carolina has a very high rate of Heartworm disease. When dogs are brought into shelters, they are often tagged right away for euthanasia due to testing positive for Heartworm. However, we know that these dogs do NOT have to be killed. There is treatment, and recovery. We have had many adoptions of Heartworm positive dogs who have been adopted and continue to live a full and happy life!
The Average cost of Heartworm treatment, dependent on size is between $300-$500. When we rescue a Heartworm dog, we pay for treatment, and with your help we can save more! Donate today, to save a Heartworm positive dog! Any amount saves! If you have questions, contact us!

Heartworm Life Cycle

For more information click this link to the American Heartworm Society